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STAINMASTER Carpet Experts – Let us help you choose the right carpeting for your home decorating project. Variety of carpet samples, carpeting colors and styles. - The Carpet Tree Inc, Jacksonville, FL.

Stainmaster Carpet

From neutral to bold, formal to flirty, STAINMASTER® carpet is available in thousands of style and color combinations.

STAINMASTER carpets are made to stand the test of time. And paws and cleats and wobbly wine glasses. In fact, they last up to 50% longer and stay up to 30% cleaner than other carpets so their good looks are anything but fleeting.
  • Fiber Technology
    Exceptional performance starts with STAINMASTER Carpets superior fiber, nylon 6,6. This fiber superhero has a molecular structure designed for strength and is one of the reasons this carpet lasts up to 50% longer than other carpets. This carpet also has several patented fiber shapes, each one engineered with a specific performance or aesthetic goal in mind.
  • Lasting Durability
    Fibers that bounce back mean carpets that look newer longer, a whole lot longer in fact. So, whether you’re treating your STAINMASTER® carpet to heavy furniture, high temperatures or thousands of hours of foot (and paw) traffic, it will stand up brilliantly thanks to our nylon 6,6 fibers.
  • Soil, Static and Stain Protection
    Stains don’t stand a chance with a carpet that repels them. Inspired by the self-cleaning leaves of the lotus flower, STAINMASTER created LotusFX® Fiber Shield technology. It resists most liquids and makes it difficult for soil to stick to carpet fibers. So it’s no surprise this carpets stay up to 30% cleaner than other carpets. And instead of relying on a sprayed on anti-static solution, they invented built in protection that never wears off.
  • STAINMASTER'S Green Commitment
    Their commitment to the planet goes beyond the recycling bin. For them, it’s also about responsibility. It’s their job to create high-quality, long-lasting carpets that reduce the need for replacement. And at the same time they practice responsible manufacturing; eliminating waste and reducing emissions. They use their resources as efficiently as possible so you can feel good not only about how your carpet looks and performs but about how it was made.

Carpet Padding
The right padding can extend the life of your carpet and protect the floors underneath. STAINMASTER® carpet padding does just that. Plus, when it’s installed with your new STAINMASTER® carpet, they will extend your carpet limited warranties.

Before you buy
Carpet may seem like a simple element in your home – but choosing the right carpeting can be a challenge. The qualified carpeting experts at The Carpet Tree Inc can help you carefully balance your flooring budget against quality and home décor considerations to ensure your STAINMASTER Carpet selection looks great and can stand the test of time. When it comes time to installing your new carpet, our professional installers will treat your project as their top priority.

The Carpet Tree Inc – Proudly serving the Jacksonville, FL, Florida area since 1975. Call us today at for your free consultation – we look forward to hearing from you!

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